From the backwood hills and proud…
Appalachia Burning
is not your typical “record label” (you may have heard it before, but we DO mean it!)—more of a family of
similarly minded individuals helping each other out, promoting each other, and trying to keep Appalachian culture (in all it’s forms) alive..
Expect to hear the sounds of acoustic guitars, banjos, mandolins, washboards, screamin’ & shoutin’, hootin’ & hollerin’.

…it will get wild.

We will not be pigeonholed into one style
…more of a raging forest-fire, blazing all colors of the audio/visual spectrum.

Appalachia Sound, Appalachia Burning !!

If you’re a musician and you think you’d be interested in working with us, drop us a line,we’ll give you a good listen. We are more of a family than a formal label. We tend to shy away from typical contracts, instead more of an everyone-helping-each-other type of deal.


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